Google Ads management and optimisation

We love and understand the work we do. We are highly qualified team with over 15 years experience in digital marketing in over 30 different industries with for SEM & Corporations.

Google Ads (AdWords) is an indispensable part of the marketing mix, and is often the major digital channel that brings the best results.

We can assist you at any stage of your development – for startups that direct resources towards the most effective channels, for developing businesses that would like to increase their customer base and efficiently grow their presence, and to large corporations for which Google Ads (AdWords) is a mandatory channel for each advertising communication.

You can rely on us for advice, training, working together with your employees and expert level of managing your advertising campaigns.

Why Google Advertising?

Opportunities of Google Ads

  • attract new clients
  • expand your online business
  • increase online sales
  • build brand awareness
  • gain market share

Why Google Ads

  • transparency in expenses and full control over targeted users
  • targeting different locations at the same time
  • a variety of ad formats
  • high reach in different networks
  • functionalities to track and optimize the ROI
  • pay per click, impression or conversion
  • information for most efficient keywords,
  • ads and sites in the display network
  • no minimal requirements for ad spend

Benefits of Google Ads

  • speed and flexibility of the ads
  • you pay by click
  • you decide for the ad spend
  • you are not limited by contract
  • testing for different ad messages
  • high reach in Google Display Network
  • reach people on different devices

Google Ads Search

Allow customers who are looking for your products and services to find you. Your ads will appear on the forefront on specific keywords, and you only pay when someone clicks on them. Increase traffic to your site with users willing to become your customers!

Google Ads Display

Display Network allows you to show in leading local and international sites. You pay only if your ad gets clicked! Use text, banner or video ads and present your services and products to customers around the world.


Continue the conversation with your consumers who have visited your site. Remarketing allows you to remind audiences to come back and perform your desired action. Offer discounts and bonuses for loyal customers!