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Training & Mentoring

We can help you on the way to using digital marketing products effectively

We train companies and individuals how to take advantage of digital platform capabilities by laying the foundations of a strong instruments knowledge with practical tasks in real accounts with hand-on experience.

In the last 7 years we have participated in conferences and events in the field of digital marketing in Malta and abroad. Our training have involved over 350 people including students, digital marketing specialists and marketers.

Google Ads Training

We offer specialized and individual training for specialists and groups up to 5 people. The training is focused on specific goals and problem solving for the users, as we pass the basic theory together and do the homework based on real-life projects.

Google Analytics

We recommend working in a real account to get to know the basics of how the product works, how it can be useful and how to modify it to adequately track your business goals. During our training we go through the details of the product, together with setting goals, filters, reports and more.

Digital Marketing Training for Businesses

Tailor made training based on your business needs and the lever or experience your employees have.

  • Facebook Ads Fundamentals
  • Google Ads Fundamentals
  • Designing and Creating Marketing Strategy
  • Instagram Management & Ads

Google Ads Mentoring

    If you already manage a Google Ads account and are just looking for advice on best practice techniques or even starting from scratch, we can help you!

    We offer custom made mentoring service for you by using your own data. We can start at the very basics and move up to the most advanced features available within the Google Ads platform.

    Our training sessions are conducted over a shared screen and use all your own data. We also teach super advanced techniques that Google account managers do not, and will not, teach. We show you how to implement strategies that are sure to increase ROI and reduce cost per conversion.

    Our Training Covers

    • Keyword research – how to identify most profitable keywords
    • Best practice account structure
    • Continuity between keywords, ad text and landing page
    • Bid optimisation
    • How to write Ad copy – analysis and A/B testing
    • Negative keyword management
    • Setup and use of RLSA –
    • Remarketing lists for search ads
    • How to Implement bid modifiers around device, time of day, day of the week and location.
    • Audience techniques including
    • Customer Match
    • Use of ad extensions for calls, locations, seller ratings etc
    • Dynamic search ads
    • Many other best practice tips and tricks

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