Facebook Ads Setup & Management

Facebook offers a variety of advertising formats, and the Facebook Ads Manager will help you choose a format based on your business’ marketing objectives. Whether you want to raise awareness, prompt consideration of your business or increase conversions, Facebook offers Mobile News Feed, Desktop News Feed, Right Column, and Instagram ad placements. 

Paid Facebook advertisements are important for businesses because they allow you to target a specific audience. Whether a business wants to target a completely new audience or an audience similar to its current audience, Facebook is flexible. Businesses are able to target based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. 

Why Facebook Advertising? ​

The opportunities of Facebook Ads

  • Increasing the traffic to your website and generate online sales
  • Reach the visitors of your site again with relevant content
  • Making the physical location of the business more reachable
  • Engage and interact with the users who have already downloaded your app
  • Making a list with new potential leads
  • Increasing the views of your videos
  • Promoting your event and special offers

Why Facebook Ads?

  • Detailed targeting opportunities based on demographics, interests, behavior etc.
  • Tracking results
  • Opportunity for using various combinations of methods of optimization and payment
  • Variety of formats and places for the ads
  • Opportunity for remarketing and the usage of email lists etc.
  • Opportunity for advertising on Instagram

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Access to a huge number of active users
  • Control over the budget and payment methods
  • Variations of messages, target groups, positions, and devices for testing.